13-15 May 2021
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Contribution List

34 / 34
13/05/2021, 09:00
CC Liu (JingLing) , Edwin Hao
13/05/2021, 12:45
Igor Ljubuncic (Canonical)
13/05/2021, 13:30
Javier Jardón (Codethink) , Nicole Mpofu
13/05/2021, 14:15
Mr Will Thompson (Endless OS Foundation)
14/05/2021, 09:00
Ecosystem Growth

[flatpak-external-data-checker][1] started life as a side-project at Endless, notifying the team when a small number of unofficial Flatpak wrappers for third-party proprietary apps in Endless' own Flatpak repository needed attention. Three years and sixteen developers later, it checks and automatically updates [over a hundred apps on...

Douglas DeMaio (openSUSE)
14/05/2021, 13:45
Be Wilson (Mixxx, Whisperfish)
14/05/2021, 15:00
Allyson Alexandrou, Aniqa Khokhar, Tomaz Canabrava, Regina Nkemchor, Manuel Haro, Mustapha Abubakar, Hong Phuc Dang
15/05/2021, 16:00
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