May 13 – 15, 2021
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Windows程序在Ubuntu Kylin 系统的应用和推广 (Application and Popularization of Windows Programs on Ubuntu Kylin)

May 13, 2021, 9:55 AM


Ecosystem Growth


珂铭 梁 mina Liu


Windows程序在Ubuntu Kylin 系统的应用和推广
Application and Popularization of Windows Programs on Ubuntu Kylin


1.linux 桌面的应用生态现状
The current situation of Linux Application Ecosystem.

Chicken-and-egg problem for Linux on the desktop
This brings us to the chicken and egg issue of Linux on the desktop. Until Linux can provide equivalents for the above applications, its market share on the desktop will stagnate.
But until the market share of Linux on the desktop rises, no vendor will develop applications for Linux. How does one break this vicious circle?

Again, Wine can provide an answer. By letting users reuse the Windows applications they have invested time and money in, Wine dramatically lowers the barrier that prevents users from switching to Linux. This then makes it possible for Linux to take off on the desktop, which increases its market share in that segment. In turn, this makes it viable for companies to produce Linux versions of their applications, and for new products to come out just for the Linux market.
But wine is not user-friendly tools.

The weak point of Wine on Windows Programs Porting for linux.
Windows 应用wechat 和Tencent Meeting在中国应用广泛,但在wine对这些程序相应的支持不足;wine的使用对大众用户有些困难,需要做一些繁琐的配置工作。
Wechat and Tecent Meeting is popular application On Windows Desktop in China,but these app have many bugs when run them on Linux+wine.
It is a little difficult to use wine for ordinary user. If you want use wine well,you need a lot of configuration work.

3.Ubuntu Kylin 在Wechat适配中做出的工作和贡献
The Kylin Contribution in Wechat adaption On Ukylin OS
截图问题分析,和视频通话问题分析和解决,appimage 格式打应用包等。
In Wechat we resolved some issue such as screen capture fail, video talk fail ,etc. We also try to pack the wine and its depends with appimage format,to handle differences between different linux OS.

Future Research and Development Plan
Richedit,Directshow 等模块问题解决和开发计划,回馈开源,回馈wine 社区。

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梁珂铭(keming liang) :Kylin Software Senior Engeer, in charge of development and research of wine related products。

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