May 13 – 15, 2021
UTC timezone

Scientific Program

  • Ecosystem Growth


    The growth of Linux-based hardware offers more choices in the market and indicates further investment into the Linux app space. App Stores are offering thousands of applications and games for the Linux platform and open source is growing necessity in tech.

    How can we ensure continued growth for the Linux app ecosystem? Are there areas of opportunity we should explore? How can we build sustainability into our ecosystem? How do you keep your users engaged?

  • Platform Diversity


    The Linux platform’s greatest strength is the wealth of diversity in our ecosystem. There are toolkits and software languages for every purpose. Whether you want to develop a game, design an application, or even build a website, the app ecosystem has the tools to make that happen.

    Are you working on a technology that enables cross-platform distribution? Do you have ideas for how we can enable platform diversity? How should we evolve to reach your users?

  • Innovation

    Important technologies that you use on a daily basis (maybe without realizing it), have been developed within the Linux app ecosystem. Discuss with us how to push the boundaries of what we are offering right now and reach more users than ever before.

    What does the Linux app ecosystem need to get to the top? What are we missing? Are there new technologies we should be embracing?

  • People and Communications


    While the Linux app ecosystem has been largely shaped by open source communities, we believe there's space for everyone. Making sure both businesses and communities alike can thrive in the ecosystem is vital for the platform to be sustainable over time. It is vital that people are able to make a living from the work they do for Linux users.

    How can we make sure companies find their niche in the ecosystem? How can we help communities work together to create and support end-user apps? How can we keep people around in the long-run?

  • Legal and Licensing


    Whether you are a die-hard Free Software advocate or are just looking to write a commercial application or game, there are no restrictions on what can be built on the Linux app ecosystem. How can we navigate the complex world of licenses to create great products?

    What kind of open source business models exist through licensing? What are the latest issues related to licensing that our community should be aware of?

  • Lightning Talks

    10 minute lightning talk, preferably recorded.