Apr 29 – 30, 2022
Youth Center Smart Lab
Europe/Rome timezone

Designing for Open Source Applications

Apr 29, 2022, 2:50 PM


In-Person Presentation (40 min)


Rajdeep Singha


This session will be about the importance of design in app development, especially in the Open Source space.

It'll guide developers on how to make mockups, UI designs, prototypes, collaboration etc. using tools like Figma. I'll also talk about conducting UX research in a sustainable manner, keeping the budget in mind, even if it is zero. I'll also touch on related topics like principles of design, design thinking, human centric design, inclusive design etc.

Attendees will learn why design is important in app development, and why its not something that is added after completing the product.

They will learn to use existing UI toolkits to create mockups and prototypes for their apps.

They will learn to conduct user research and gather feedback in a user centric approach.

They'll learn about the fundamental principles and philosophies in the world of UX Design and design in general.

All of this, while keeping their financial and time resources in mind.

Presentation materials

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