Apr 21 – 23, 2023
Europe/Prague timezone

GNOME Mobile Show & Tell

Apr 23, 2023, 2:00 PM
Presentation (40 min) Main Track


Over the past few years the GNOME ecosystem has made huge strides on mobile. Toolkit support is now quite mature thanks to years of work on the developer platform by the GTK and Libadwaita teams (largely driven by Purism's Librem 5), and the ecosystem has now grown to dozens of great apps that work on mobile, with new ones being released at an accelerating rate.

Since last year there's also a push spearheaded by Jonas Dreßler to bring GNOME Shell itself to mobile. This allows all the great recent work on things like gestures and the customizable app grid to be usable on phones as well.

There are also more devices than ever to use this software on, as projects like postmarketOS are working to make some Android devices usable with mainline Linux. Robert Mader and others have been working on finally enabling cameras using a high-level stack (libcamera, Gstreamer, Pipewire), which is making modern camera apps like Snapshot possible.

This session is intended to be a loosely structured show & tell where a few of the core developers and designers involved with these efforts demo some devices and apps, talk about what's next in GNOME mobile, and take questions from the audience.

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Author(s) Bio

Robert Mader works on Mutter, Firefox and several other parts on the graphic stack at Collabora. Likes to make things more power efficient.

Jonas Dreßler is a GNOME Shell and Mutter hacker, mostly working on input. Enthusiastic about making free software and Linux work on phones.

Tobias Bernard is part of the GNOME design team, and works for Purism on the Librem 5. Likes semantic animation, ultrabold type, and decommissioned fossil infrastructure.

Level of Difficulty Intermediate
Pronouns Jonas Dreßler (he/him), Robert Mader (he/him), Tobias Bernard (he/him)

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