Nov 12 – 14, 2020
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Can your app run on a mainframe?

Nov 13, 2020, 6:15 PM


Ecosystem Growth


Elizabeth K. Joseph (IBM)


Modern mainframes feature state of the art hardware and software, including Linux, which is now the fastest growing operating system for the platform. Many organizations that are now taking their first steps into Linux, or moving workloads back to the mainframe, to take advantage of the security enhancements and software now available for Linux.

In this talk, I'll cover what is involved in porting an application to the big-endian architecture, as well as free (as in beer) and open source tools and services available to developers to build, test, and release applications for the platform. I'll also talk about how the IBM Z Ecosystem Team has been working with individual developers, the Linux Foundation’s Open Mainframe Project, various Linux distributions, and specific open source projects to port their applications to the mainframe architecture. I will conclude by touching upon about how apps running on Linux can communicate with the more traditional mainframe back-ends, including open source projects like Zowe that modernize these interactions with an API and more.

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