Linux App Summit 2022

Youth Center Smart Lab

Youth Center Smart Lab

Rovereto, Italy
Aleix Pol (KDE), Kristi Progri (The GNOME Foundation)


The Linux App Summit (LAS) brings the global Linux community together to learn, collaborate, and help grow the Linux application ecosystem. Through talks, panels, and Q&A sessions, we encourage attendees to share ideas, make connections, and join our goal of building a common app ecosystem.


LAS 2022 will be held virtually and in person in Rovereto, Italy. While this conference will be held during Central European Time (CET), everyone is welcome to participate and attend!

To find more about the local venue, please see our Local page.

Registration for LAS 2022 is open. (There is no cost to attend LAS, but registration is required. To watch and participate in the event you'll need to login to our conference platform using a password-protected link. You'll receive this link after registering.)

We also welcome attendees to join the LAS Telegram channel and follow LAS on Twitter @linuxappsummit. Remember to use our hashtag: #LAS2022. Videos from LAS will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel.

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