Building an app store with Flathub

Tools like Flatpak gave finally given us a robust way for app developers to support multiple Linux-based OSes with the same build and distribution process, which is an essential pre-condition for app developers to be able to support the Linux desktop as a worthwhile target. However, to build a flourishing Linux desktop app ecosystem and allow diverse participation in our projects from people of all backgrounds and circumstances, we also need to be able to support app developers with an economic model as well.

Endless has started work on the technology to build an app store around Flatpak, allowing business logic to control which applications can be downloaded. Inspired by the Elementary OS "pay what you like" app store model, we would like to implement this in Flathub so that users are encouraged to make optional donations to the developers of free and open source apps before they continue with their download. This talk will present the rationale, the current state of our work, current consensus on how this technology should be deployed in the free desktop, and what we are planning to do next.


Day: 2019-11-13
Start time: 09:35
Duration: 00:30
Room: Conference room
Track: Creating, packaging, and distributing applications


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