How Linux world can benefit from Product Managers?

Learnings from GNOME Recipe App

GNOME Recipe App was the first app who involves a Product Manager. Recipe app was not a new idea. People in the GNOME community have always been interested in cooking. We have a wiki page for a “GNOME Cookbook” that dates all the way back to 2007. People contributed recipes there, but for one reason or another, we couldn’t quite make the app.
As a Product Manager, I wanted to be advocate for GNOME users. I understood those needs and I translated them into goals, non-goals and constraints for Recipe App.
Then I helped the team to make the progress. At the end, we launched it!

I believe having more people from Product Management background will help to bring more apps to GNOME and KDE


Day: 2019-11-12
Start time: 15:40
Duration: 00:30
Room: Conference room
Track: Linux App Ecosystem


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