How I Squeezed GNOME Into Your Pocket

Blood, sweat, tears, and graphical glitches! Embark on a two year adventure and learn everything about my involvement in the GNOME Mobile initiative, from early interest to joining Purism and working on the Librem 5 to port GNOME to mobile devices.

In this development story, you will learn how I helped prototyping the latest GNOME Mobile initiative, what inspired me, how I implemented the early widgets, all the encountered shortcomings, all the developed workarounds, and all I did to help that initiative gain traction.

You will also learn from the work did by colleagues at Purism or from community members, to develop that initiative.

Expect videos full of graphical glitches.


Day: 2019-11-13
Start time: 11:50
Duration: 00:30
Room: Conference room
Track: Other


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