Why can't we all be friends?

Bridging the gap between the developer and the user - with snaps

"Developers just wanna have fun." --Tuxi Linuxer

Making an app isn't easy. Making a distro isn't a walk in the park, either. When you combine the two, things become really complex. And then, you add users to the mix, and it's chaos. We believe that strong, productive communication between developers and consumers of their software is essential to a successful and vibrant ecosystem. Our attempt to bridge the gap between the two sides is through snaps.

Snaps are confined, standalone Linux applications bundled with all the necessary dependencies to run independently. They are designed to simplify development and deployment of software, and make it easier for users to discover applications. This presentation unveils the boffinry behind snaps. It introduces and highlights the steps needed to package applications as snaps, with focus on KDE software, including concepts like the build snap, content snap and the KDE extension. By moving all the cruft behind the scenes, now it only takes a simple recipe to build KDE software with speed and ease.

Beyond the nuts and bolts, this session also elaborates on the relationship between developers and users, on the attempt to simplify software distribution and packaging, and the desire to make the Linux software accessible to the widest possible audience. The audience will also learn about the Snap Store, badges, card, metrics, and other tools designed to help both developers - and users - just have fun.


Day: 2019-11-12
Start time: 11:15
Duration: 00:30
Room: Conference room
Track: Creating, packaging, and distributing applications


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